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How UV Purification Works


According to the EPA, Americans spend more than 90% of their time indoors. And unfortunately, the air we breathe in our homes is often full of contaminants, much more so than outdoor air. What can be done about our indoor air quality? Is an air filter enough? We’d like to tell you about another option: UV air purifiers.

Contaminants in Our Indoor Air

You’re probably aware of dust and possibly pet hair in your home. But there are many other things in your air that you might not even think about. Pet dander might be less visible than hair, but these dead skin cells are what people are actually allergic to, not the hair itself. Pollen is another common allergen that frequently ends up in homes in high concentrations. Bacteria, viruses, and mold spores also populate our air. And then there are VOCs, volatile organic compounds, which are released from common items in your household such as pesticides, deodorizers, personal care products, and cleaning products, and even things like new carpets or furniture. 

Indoor Air Quality and Health

When people’s indoor air quality is improved, they notice a decrease in many problems including asthma attacks, allergies, respiratory symptoms, and headaches. They often report getting better sleep at night and feeling more awake and energetic during the day, and being in better moods. And of course, less exposure to bacteria and viruses means fewer illnesses, and fewer days of missing work or caring for sick children because of those illnesses.

Air Filtration

An air filter is made of layers of paper, fabric, cellulose, or fiberglass. As air is passed through it, those layers trap some contaminants. Simple filters are very good at trapping larger things like pet hair. However, smaller contaminants can pass through pretty easily. For inorganic contaminants above a certain size, air filtration units can thoroughly clean the air.

UV Air Purification

An air purifier takes things a step further. In addition to passing the air through a filter, a purifier passes the air through UV light of a specific frequency. This light is dangerous to pathogens. It actually unravels the chemical bonds that hold tiny things like bacteria and mold spores together. Instead of being hazards to your health, they are now unable to reproduce or infect anyone. And while it is dangerous to germs, UV air purifiers are safe for you. In fact, UV light at this frequency has been used in many settings for decades, including to sterilize instruments at hospitals. The air that flows out after air purification is much safer and healthier to breathe. With a UV air purifier in West Monroe, LA, you can rest assured that you’re making the best choice for improving your family’s well-being and protecting their health.

Our team of indoor air quality experts would love to discuss your air purifier options with you, to help make sure that you and your family can enjoy not just improved air quality, but improved quality of life.

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