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Air Conditioning Installation Services in West Monroe, LA

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Having a new air conditioner installed isn’t easy, which is why we tell homeowners to avoid it whenever possible. There are so many interlocking parts and calculations that need to be done, that you’re almost always better off looking up “professional AC installation near me.” Luckily, Mike Smith Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC is the team that can help.

  • We’re family-owned and operated.
  • We house NCI-certified technicians and installers.
  • We always have your best interest in mind.

Choose from our wide selection of air conditioning systems and call us for a fast and effective installation!

Mike Smith Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC provides professional-grade service in West Monroe, LA. Call today!


Central AC Installation

While central AC installations might be the most common type of installation we see in West Monroe, LA, it’s still too complex and difficult for the average homeowner. Our team can provide you with professional-grade installation as well as central AC replacement services when your old unit is on its last legs. All you need to do is get in touch with us!

Ductless AC Installation

Ductless AC installation requires the connection of an outdoor heat pump cabinet with a series of indoor air handlers, most of which need to be measured and precisely placed to maximize their effectiveness. Don’t try this on your own. Call our team for ductless AC replacement or installation services!

Heat Pump AC Installation

Whether you need a brand-new heat pump AC installation done right in your West Monroe, LA home, or you need to swap out your old, outdated system with a heat pump replacement, our team can help.

Serving the Monroe / West Monroe, LA Area