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3 Signs of Mold Growth on Your Ductless AC


Ductless systems are amazing. They’re more efficient than central air conditioners, both because the motors are smaller and because they avoid the energy loss from leaky ductwork that is so common in central air systems. They can be installed in all kinds of situations where there is no room for ductwork. The ability to individually control the temperature of each zone is a benefit to your comfort as well as a way to cut down on your cooling bills. However, no system works perfectly all the time. One of the things you need to keep an eye out for with ductless AC systems is mold growth. Here’s what you should pay attention to.

How Mold Grows in Ductless Systems

Each ductless air handler has its own thermostat. It’s like an isolated system all its own. That means that it has its own connection to the outdoor condenser unit. There is a line for power, a line for refrigerant, and a line for condensate. It’s that condensate line that’s the concern here. All air conditioners produce condensation as a byproduct of the cooling process. In fact, it’s a bit of a bonus, because when it’s properly drained away, it helps to lower the humidity in your home as well. But when something interferes with the drainage process, that moisture can build up where it doesn’t belong, and it’s that accumulation of moisture that creates the perfect environment for mold.

Noticeable Moisture

This is your first sign that there’s a risk of mold. Watch for moisture around and below the air handlers of your ductless system. If there is dripping, or water stains on the wall, you need to call for AC repair in Sterlington, LA right away. Don’t let this problem continue, because it can worsen fast. Too much water accumulation won’t just make a pleasant home for mold to grow. It can deteriorate the wall where the air handler is mounted until the air handler begins to pull away and fall off!

Musty Smells

Your home should not smell like a damp basement or like books or clothes that have been in storage for far too long. A musty smell is not alone. Smells are made of particles in the air, and those particles, in this case, are made of mold. They’re coming from somewhere! Bring your nose over to your air handlers and take some deep breaths. Is the smell stronger in that area? You’ve got a mold problem in your ductless system.

Visible Mold

While you may not see any mold on the outside of your air handlers, it can easily be lurking within. Open the air handler as you would to change the filter. (You have been regularly changing or cleaning your ductless system’s air filters, haven’t you? You can do that now just to make sure.) You might be able to see the source of the musty smell now.

Because mold poses health risks as well as causing unsightly discoloration and damage, it’s important to get your system repaired right away. Cleaning up the mold is only part of the process. The drainage lines will need to be checked, cleared of any blockages, and tested to be sure they will drain properly and not allow this situation to happen again.

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