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6 Heater Repair Warning Signs To Remember


As we settle into fall, enjoying the break in the hot weather and all the festive seasonal activities and celebrations, let’s not forget that the time will soon come when you need to run your heater. If you’ve had maintenance done, as we recommended in our last blog post, you’re already on the right track. But it’s also important to be aware of how your heater might signal that it is in need of repairs. Keep an eye out for these six signs, and schedule repairs if you notice them.

1: Noises

This might be the most obvious. Your heater’s noise should be steady and consistent, and not very loud. If you hear anything sudden or unusual, such as banging, clattering, humming, or screeching, your heater is not happy. 

2: Short Cycling

When your heater is working properly, it turns on when your home drops to a low-temperature threshold and runs until it reaches the higher temperature threshold, and then turns off to wait until the temperature drops again. Short cycling means that it is turning off too soon, possibly because a component is overheating, and then tries again in very short order. These short cycles indicate that something is very definitely wrong, and because the startup is the most energy-intensive part of the cycle, it is wasting fuel and thus wasting your money. 

3: Insufficient Heat

Perhaps that seems obvious, but sometimes, especially during particularly cold snaps, you might just think that your heater is having an understandably difficult time keeping up with the need for heat. But whatever the weather, your heater should be equipped to handle it and keep your home consistently comfortable. If it isn’t doing that, you definitely need heating repair in Claiborne, LA

4: Inconsistent Heat

Sometimes, it seems like the heater is capable of providing heat, it just provides it unevenly throughout the house, leaving you with some rooms that feel too warm or some that feel too cold. Or, it may be that the temperature fluctuates, so at times it feels plenty warm and at others not so much. These symptoms can be caused by a variety of problems, and a professional can diagnose the cause and get you consistently cozy again.

5: Dust

This might seem like an odd thing to blame on your heater, but if your air quality drops when the temperature drops, it may very well be that your heater is causing a dust problem in your home. The ductwork could be to blame: if there’s a leak allowing ducts to draw air in from places like your attic or between your walls, all kinds of debris and even particles of insulation could be added to your heated winter air.

6: Static Shocks and Dry Skin

Winter air is drier than summer air because cold air isn’t capable of carrying as much water vapor in it. But if you’re getting shocked whenever you touch metal fixtures in your home, or your skin, hair, and nails are drier than you’ve noticed in previous winters, it may be the fault of your furnace! It’s definitely worth having a professional assess the situation.

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