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Hop On Your Heater Maintenance Today

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It’s tempting to think that autumn will last forever, keeping your home in that beautiful temperature range that doesn’t require either air conditioning or heating. But the truth is that cold days will come, and you want your heater to work when they arrive. Plan ahead, schedule now, and you can be sure your home will stay comfortable all through the winter.

There are some major benefits to prompt, regular heater maintenance every fall before the heating season begins. They fall into four main categories: safety, comfort, environmental impact, and financial benefit.


The safety of yourself, your family, your pets, and your home are probably the most important things in the world to you, and we absolutely agree. The main concern here is carbon monoxide, which can leak from aging, deteriorating, or damaged heaters and cause serious health risks and even death. When you schedule heating service in Claiborne, LA, our qualified, experienced technicians will make sure that your heater runs as safely as possible. 


When your heater is in top condition and working as smoothly as it can, your home will more easily maintain your ideal, comfortable temperature. A regularly-maintained heater is also less likely to encounter sudden problems, leaving you cold and miserable in the middle of January while you wait for emergency repairs. 

Environmental Impact

If your heater is deteriorating and not being maintained, it will not operate very efficiently. Regular maintenance will increase the efficiency of your heater, and it will use less energy to keep your home cozy. This means you won’t be wasting electricity or fuel and causing extra pollution, and it will also mean you won’t waste money paying for energy you shouldn’t need to use!

Financial Benefit

Keeping your utility bills under control is not the only way you’ll benefit financially from keeping your heater in top condition with annual maintenance. There are many other ways you’ll save money. When you fire up your heater with the first cold weather, if it hasn’t been maintained, it could be operating with an existing small problem. Continued operation can quickly compound the problem, creating a big issue that is more costly to repair. It may even result in a sudden failure and an emergency repair. Also, when a heater is regularly maintained, it can keep your home warm for 15 years or more, but without that maintenance, you may encounter the expense of replacement much sooner. One final financial benefit is keeping your heater under warranty. Most warranties require annual maintenance, and keeping your heater under warranty can mean avoiding a lot of expenses. 

If you schedule your maintenance now, you’ll have plenty of appointment options to suit your calendar before the weather gets cold. And if repairs are needed, you’ll have time to fit that into your fall plans, too. Then you can kick back and enjoy autumn without any worries about being unprepared for winter.

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