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What to Know About Heat Pump Systems


Are you considering replacing your air conditioner? If your existing system has broken down completely, or is getting old enough that you know replacement isn’t far off, you’re probably researching your options. Or perhaps you’re concerned about efficiency, are tired of paying so much each time your electric bill is due, and want to know if there’s a way to avoid that. Heat pumps offer a lot of advantages, and they might be the perfect system for your home. Here’s why.

Cooling and Heating

Heat pumps circulate refrigerant just like air conditioners do, but they have a specialized component called a reversing valve. While air conditioners use refrigerant to carry heat from indoors to out, heat pumps can move heat either in that direction or from the outdoors in. And it doesn’t have to be warm outdoors for a heat pump to heat your home. In fact, in a climate like ours, a heat pump could be the only heating system you need. So if your furnace is heading toward retirement, too, this is the perfect way to meet all your home comfort needs with a single appliance.

Ducted or Ductless

A heat pump can be connected to the HVAC system of a home that has ductwork, utilizing this network to make installation easy and maintain the distribution of hot and cold air that you’re accustomed to. But it’s also a straightforward option for a home that has never had ductwork, has damaged or deteriorating ductwork, or has a ductless AC system in place.


Modern heat pumps are one of the most efficient approaches to providing home heating or cooling. And if you’re getting one to replace an air conditioner that is ten or fifteen years old, the difference will be striking. Older systems were simply less efficient when they were manufactured than today’s systems because of advances in materials and construction. And as AC systems age, especially when they are in their last few years of life or if they haven’t received consistent annual maintenance, their efficiency drops. And compared to other heating systems, heat pumps are far and away the most efficient, because instead of generating heat, they simply transfer it, using only a tiny amount of energy compared to a furnace.


No major home system is exactly what you might call inexpensive. But heat pumps have a few major advantages in the cost department. First, purchasing a heat pump is dramatically less costly than purchasing both a furnace and an air conditioner. Second, the energy savings of using such an efficient system will be apparent right away. And third, there are many rebates available. Federal and state governments want to encourage people to switch to heat pumps because that efficiency isn’t just great for your wallet, it’s also great for the environment. 

If you have questions about heat pumps that we haven’t answered here, or if you’re ready to explore the specific options for your heat pump or AC installation in Calhoun, LA, we’re ready to help.

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