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3 Essential HVAC Systems for Expecting Mothers


When a baby is on its way, we want everything to be perfect and ready to keep this precious little being as safe and comfortable as possible. And there are so many things to think about! What are the recommendations for safe sleep? What kind of diapers will be gentlest for the baby’s delicate skin? But we don’t always remember just how much of an impact the air in the baby’s environment will have.

Is the temperature just right for the baby, and does it stay consistent enough? Is it excessively humid? Is there mold? What allergens, bacteria, or viruses are floating around in the air in your home? There are 3 types of HVAC systems you should be paying close attention to as your baby’s arrival approaches. Here are our recommendations.

1: Air Conditioner

During pregnancy, the expectant parent’s body temperature is higher. It’s very easy to get overheated when you’re pregnant! Then when the baby does arrive, keeping the little one cool enough during hot weather is absolutely critical. Babies can’t sweat, so they get too hot much more easily than older children or adults.

How is your air conditioner doing? Did it work well and consistently last summer? If you need to get a new system installed, there’s still time before the weather heats up. If you think your air conditioner is in good enough condition, make sure to schedule AC maintenance this spring. This will ensure that the system is clean, without dust or mildew, and keep it running at its best.

2: Dehumidifier

We live in an area that has very humid summers. This has a variety of impacts, and you may be more concerned about them than ever as you prepare for your baby’s arrival. Humid air feels hotter than drier air, so keeping the humidity low enough will make you feel cooler and put less pressure on your AC system. And humidity helps unpleasant things like mold and bacteria to grow.

Portable dehumidifiers are great for small, contained spaces like a dorm room. But to keep the humidity under control in a whole house, you need a whole-house dehumidifier. This is installed as an addition to your HVAC system and removes humidity from all the air that passes through it.

3: Air Purifier

Another addition to your HVAC system that will protect you and your baby is a UV air purifier. This uses pure UV light, like the light in natural sunshine, to kill the germs in all the air that flows through your home. Eliminating allergens, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores makes the air safer and healthier to breathe. 

While you’re pregnant, you’re at much higher risk of congestion, as your pregnant body is more inclined toward inflammation and your immune system is in overdrive. Breathing purified air can help you sleep better and have fewer headaches, as well as avoid illness and respiratory problems. And those brand-new baby lungs will breathe the cleanest possible air to keep your little one healthy.

If you need to schedule an AC replacement, dehumidifier installation, or air purifier service in Sterlington, LA, we will be honored to help get your home ready for your baby.

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