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No Heat? Here’s Our Emergency Checklist


It’s not quite springtime yet. You’ll still need your heating system for a little bit longer! So if something goes wrong, you’ll need to get it sorted out right away. Do you need emergency heating repairs if your heat stops working? Maybe, but maybe not! Here are some things you should check first.

The Electrical Panel

Your home’s electrical panel, also known as the circuit breaker box, works like a traffic conductor, making sure all the electricity needed in your home is flowing properly. If too much power is called for too suddenly in one spot, it will overload that circuit. To prevent major problems from happening, the circuit breaker will trip, shutting down the power to that part of the house.

If you’ve suddenly lost heat in your home, and the heating system is not even trying to come on, it might just be that a circuit breaker has been tripped. If so, reset it, and try again. It might be necessary to get heating repair in Calhoun, LA if the heater keeps tripping the circuit breaker. But if it doesn’t happen again, you’re all set, with no need for a technician.

The Thermostat

Another way that a heater might stop running is if it simply isn’t getting the signal to start up. This could happen more easily than you think. A bump from an elbow, a curious paw from a pet, or a mischievous child could have changed your thermostat settings. 

Take a look and make sure the thermostat is set the way it should be. If it’s been switched to cool or off, or if a reduced-heat setting intended for when you’re away from home has been activated, your heat won’t be coming on. Fixing your problem could be as easy as adjusting your thermostat settings.

The Air Filter

In order to prevent particles and fibers like dust and pet hair from interfering with the furnace’s operation, it has an air filter to trap those contaminants. This filter may be disposable or it may be reusable. It should be changed—replaced with a new one, or washed and dried and put back in place—every month during the times when the furnace runs every day.

If that filter gets too clogged, there won’t be enough air circulation inside the furnace, and the heat will be trapped. When the limit switch detects the excess heat, it will shut the furnace down to prevent serious issues like the wiring in the blower fan motor fusing together from overheating. Turn off the furnace, change the filter, and turn it on again. How’s it working now?

If you still aren’t able to get your heat running, it is definitely time to get professional heating help. There are a wide variety of other issues that could cause your heat to stop, and a qualified technician will be able to accurately diagnose the problem and get it fixed. 

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