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Mike Smith Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC Blog

Is It Time for a New Heater?

After a long cool weather season, you might notice that your home’s heater isn’t able to perform the way you’re used to. You might notice subtle changes in operation, decreased efficiency, or odd occurrences like weird sounds or smells. No matter what’s going on with your home’s heater, it’s important to have a professional perform the right work for you. If you’re thinking about a heating upgrade in West Monroe, LA, then we can be the ones to help you perform this.

We understand that it’s not always so obvious if you need a new heater for your home. If you’re unsure, we want to give you the proper information so that you can make the right choice. Let’s get into the right information that will help you today…

Key Signs That You Should Upgrade

Here are a few signs that you should upgrade your home’s heater.

Old Age

How old is your home’s heater? Your heating system is only supposed to last about 10 to 15 years. Once it starts reaching the end of its lifespan, you’ll notice the energy efficiency of your home’s heating system start to decrease. Once your heater starts to get to an old age, we recommend thinking about replacing it. It will make the job as easy as possible.

Frequent Repair Problems

Do you have to repair your home’s heater on a regular basis? This is something we encourage you to address as soon as possible. Frequent repair problems mean that your heater is inefficient. It’s best to replace your heater rather than repair it indefinitely. You’ll save yourself time and money by doing this.

High Energy Bills

Have your energy bills spiked out of nowhere? If this is a persistent problem in your house, then it’s time to consider upgrading your home. High energy bills are a persistent issue that indicate a deeper efficiency problem. Although an upgrade is a financial investment, it’s one we suggest making under these circumstances.

Performance Problems

Do you have trouble either getting warm or staying warm? These are performance problems that should be addressed. If they’re persistent and no amount of repair seems to fully rectify them, then it’s time to upgrade your heater.

Uneven Temperatures 

Do you have trouble getting your home to heat evenly? If your bedroom heats up evenly but other rooms in your home have trouble doing the same, then you’re having this problem. It’s a performance issue that can further plague your home if you allow it to continue. 

Strange Sounds

Are you hearing strange noises coming from your home’s heating system? This isn’t something that you ever want to notice. Strange sounds might include things like banging, scraping, squeaking, or anything else. These are issues that you want to address as soon as possible because they can evolve into bigger issues.

Odd Odors

Have you noticed that your home’s heater makes your home smell weird? Odd scents are troubling because they can indicate a potential gas leak within your system. This is a problem that we encourage you to address as soon as possible. 

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