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The Benefits of Industrial Heating Maintenance


The weather is cooling down! Is the heating system in your commercial building prepared to take on the job of keeping your tenants or employees cozy all winter long? The only way to know your industrial heating system is ready for the coming winter is to have maintenance done. We’ll tell you all about the many benefits. 


Over the course of the year, a lot of dust and grime accumulates in your industrial heating system. The lubricant that keeps moving parts sliding smoothly without friction wears away. And small issues can develop which impact performance. Together, these things cause the system to use more energy.

Keeping a large-scale heating system running is very costly. Your utility bills can easily get out of hand if the system is getting less and less efficient. Maintenance can bring the efficiency right back up, helping you avoid increased energy bills. 


With efficiency comes effectiveness. A system that’s struggling won’t perform well, and you can end up with an overall lack of heat, uneven heat with some areas always staying too chilly, or the temperature fluctuating too widely, allowing your building to get too warm and then too cold. Maintenance will help ensure that your tenants or employees are consistently comfortable.

Catching Problems Early

In addition to the cleaning and lubricating, your technician will inspect and test all the components of your heating system. This means that if there’s a small issue, such as loose wiring, a wobbling fan, a belt slipping out of position, or anything else, your technician will be able to fix it before it causes a serious problem.

When these tiny things like misalignments or loose parts are caught during maintenance, they won’t worsen until they become serious repair needs or system breakdowns. With maintenance, you’ll be able to avoid these inconvenient and costly situations.

Prolonging System Life

The wear and tear of operating with dust and grit, without lubrication, while tiny issues pile up and get worse, puts a lot of strain on the system. Without maintenance, a commercial heating system won’t keep running for anywhere near as long as it should. In fact, lack of maintenance can cut system life in half, so getting maintenance done is critical to keeping it running as long as possible.

Warranty Compliance

If your heating system is under warranty, it will only stay that way if it receives annual maintenance from a licensed professional. Since that warranty could save you a lot of money, if problems occur that would be the responsibility of the manufacturer, you want to keep the system under warranty for as long as possible.

Business Costs

The last thing you want is for a heating problem to impact your ability to run your business. According to a study done by the National Grid in the United States, the most common reason for a commercial building to have unexpected business interruptions is HVAC system failure. They estimate that this happens to 75% of businesses each year, costing an average of $5000 each time.

Keep your commercial property running smoothly to avoid this costly downtime. Schedule commercial heating service in Calhoun, LA before the weather gets any chillier.

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