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Mike Smith Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC Blog

Mid-Season Maintenance Goes a Long Way!


Did you forget to make an appointment to have your heating system maintained in the fall? Don’t worry, it happens. The real question is what you should do now. Should you wait until next year to get heating maintenance? Or should you have it done mid-season? You should get it done right away. Here’s why.

Mid-Season Maintenance is Perfectly Possible

While most people try to have their systems maintained before they have to turn them on for the first cold snap of the winter, it’s not because it can’t be done after that. Your heating technician will have to turn your furnace off briefly to perform maintenance. But the system won’t be shut down for long enough to let your home freeze.

For Your Family

The safety of our customers is our top priority. Furnace maintenance will help to keep your family safe from electrical fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and gas leaks. Once it’s done, you can rest assured that you’ve done what’s necessary to protect yourself, your home, and your family. 

For Your Wallet

A season’s hard work heating your home, and a year’s worth of dust and grime, not to mention lubricant drying up, will cause friction and wear and tear. After all that, your furnace will be less efficient, so you’ll be paying extra for it to work harder even though your home won’t be any warmer. During maintenance, your technician will clean, lubricate, and adjust, restoring your furnace’s efficiency.

For Your Comfort

For the same reasons that a furnace’s efficiency drops, its effectiveness drops, too. This can mean difficulty getting your home to the desired temperature, or cold spots where the heat never quite reaches. Once maintenance has been done, your furnace will have a much easier time keeping your whole home perfectly comfortable for the rest of the winter.

For Your Convenience

Maintenance appointments can be scheduled at your convenience—whatever works for your calendar. Breakdowns and repair needs can’t be scheduled. They happen whenever they happen, and it so often seems like they happen at the most inconvenient times. Getting furnace maintenance in Sterlington, LA will cut down the likelihood of repair needs during the rest of the winter by 85%! This will save you a lot of potential hassle, and money, too.

For Your Future

If you think repairs or excess utility bills from inefficient heating are expensive, imagine the cost of replacing your furnace! Without maintenance, you would have to do that twice as often. Lack of maintenance can cut furnace life spans in half. Being diligent about getting maintenance done could mean delaying furnace replacement by as much as a decade.

Since 1987, we’ve prided ourselves on keeping customers in West Monroe and the surrounding area safe and comfortable. Whether you have a simple question about how to change your furnace’s air filter or you want to have a complex discussion about various options for overhauling your home’s entire HVAC system, we’re always happy to hear from you.

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