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All the Reasons Heating Maintenance Saves You Money


Sometimes, homeowners are reluctant to spend money on regular maintenance for a heating system that seems to be working just fine. They may imagine that they should save that money for when repairs are needed, or when their heater needs to be replaced. However, they are incorrect. We believe it’s important for our customers to be well-informed about all issues surrounding their home comfort systems, and information about how they can save money is definitely part of that. Heating maintenance will actually save you money in several different ways, and we’ll tell you all of them.

Efficiency of Operation

The cost of heating your home for the winter can be considerable. Once you understand that each year without maintenance decreases the efficiency of your heater by several percent, you can see that paying more for the same amount of heat is a waste. Your technician can bring your heater’s efficiency back up to the level it was at when it was nearly new. In some cases, maintenance can decrease a heater’s energy usage by up to 40%, but even a 10% decrease in your heating bills can add up to a lot of money.

Reduced Repair Needs

Heaters that are maintained every year require fewer repairs, and often, when they do require repairs, it is for smaller issues and not total breakdowns. The steps that are taken during maintenance, such as cleaning, recalibrating, and lubricating, reduce wear and tear. Also, your technician will inspect all the components, and minor problems can be addressed during maintenance so they don’t turn into bigger issues later on. This also means avoiding emergency repairs, which are even more costly.

Longevity of the System

All that wear and tear and system strain that maintenance can reduce will really add up over the years if your heater is never given a check-up. With annual maintenance, a heater can operate safely and efficiently for 15-20 years or even more. Left neglected, heaters often don’t survive as long as ten years. Purchasing a replacement and having it installed is a major financial commitment, and the minor investment of maintenance is absolutely the better choice.

Keeping Your Heater Under Warranty

Most warranty agreements require that heaters be maintained annually. If your heater is new or still under warranty, it is worth the small cost of maintenance to keep it that way. It could save you a lot of money when you do eventually need to repair or replace your heater.


Of course, safety is the most important concern here, but how does it save you money? Well, during maintenance, your technician will make sure there are no fuel or carbon monoxide leaks and that all electrical components are properly connected, calibrated, and working safely. Not only is this essential for the well-being of your family, but it is also more cost-efficient than having to evacuate your house, pay for a hotel, and wait for repairs to be done when the carbon monoxide alarm goes off.

If you have questions about your specific heater, maintenance costs, or scheduling an appointment for heater maintenance in West Monroe, LA, we would love to hear from you. 

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