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What You Do and Don’t Want To Hear From Your AC

Your air conditioner is a powerful piece of equipment that may make some noise when it is running. Often, those sounds are normal and nothing to worry about, though you should be familiar with them. That way, when there is a problem, you’ll recognize it right away.

If your air conditioner does not sound like it is running properly, don’t ignore those sounds. Call for air conditioner repair in West Monroe as soon as possible if you hear something that doesn’t sound quite right coming from your AC unit.

What Sounds Are Normal to Hear?

Whether inside or outside of your home, you could hear some distinct sounds coming from your air conditioner. If you’re standing outside, you’ll hear the condenser turning on and off, helping to pull heat out of your home

Inside your home, you may notice a number of different sounds:

  • A whooshing sound is typically the sound air makes as it is moving through the system and throughout your home
  • A click may be heard when the AC turns on and off, often near the thermostat.
  • A motor running is just the sound of your air conditioner operating.

What Sounds Are Signs of Trouble?

There are other sounds you don’t want to hear coming from your air conditioner. If you hear these, it could indicate a problem with your system that needs repair.

  • Rattling can mean something insignificant, such as a loose door on the indoor or outdoor cabinet, or it could mean there are loose components in the blower fan or a bend in the fan blades that needs repairs.
  • Clanging is a sound that can be frightening when you first hear it. Often, it is due to a fan blade or a small bolt coming loose. This type of noise often follows an unaddressed rattling sound.
  • A mechanical screeching sound can be quite alarming, and it is one of the most important times to turn the system off and call a pro. That could be a motor belt or bearing that’s wearing down or needs lubrication.
  • A hissing sound often relates to the refrigerant in your air conditioner. This is the fluid that circulates through the system to help cool air. If there is a refrigerant leak, a quiet hissing may occur. You are also likely to have problems with the home not feeling as cool as it should.
  • One click turning the system on is normal. If you hear continuous clicking throughout the cooling cycle, you may have a problem with your thermostat or another electrical component in your AC. You may also notice a hard start as the system kicks on when this is happening.
  • A buzzing sound is an indication of an electrical problem. Don’t ignore it but be sure to have a pro out to inspect it.
  • Lastly, make sure to have your system checked if it is silent. An air conditioner that makes no noise is one that isn’t working at all.

Hearing something off with your AC? Come to the pros to get it fixed.

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