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Mike Smith Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC Blog

4 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Help


When your air conditioner needs repair, it really is best if that repair gets done as promptly as possible. That prevents a small issue from worsening, or from causing strain to the rest of the system. But it isn’t always obvious when your air conditioner is starting to struggle. So how can you make sure to get AC repair promptly enough? By spotting the signs that your air conditioner needs help. Here are the top 4.

1: Unusual Noises

Get familiar with the sounds your air conditioner makes when it’s running well. (Right after maintenance is the perfect time for this.) These sounds will be consistent, and not too loud. If at any point you hear something other than those consistent sounds, it is cause for concern. Air conditioners can make a wide array of noises when they are having problems. 

Screeching can happen when a belt is worn or out of position. Groaning could indicate worn bearings in the blower fan motor. Hissing might come from refrigerant leaking out of the coils. If you hear any of these sounds—or banging, rattling, clicking, bubbling, whistling, or anything else out of the ordinary—it’s time for AC repair in Calhoun, LA.

2: Unusual Smells

When your air conditioner is in good shape, it will never make any smell at all. If you think there’s an odor coming from any part of your HVAC system, have it checked out by a qualified professional. While sounds are often more noticeable, smells can be good clues to what might be wrong with an air conditioner.

Refrigerant has a chemical smell that is also sweet. You’ll never smell it if the refrigerant is inside the coils where it belongs, so if your nose detects this, you’ve got a refrigerant leak. If a drainage line is clogged, bacteria can grow in the condensate pan and drain, causing a sour smell like vinegar. And if you smell mildew at your vents, chances are, you’ve got mold in your ductwork.

3: Short Cycling

Many issues can cause your AC to shut down too soon and start up again moments later, over and over. Short cycling wastes a lot of electricity and strains the compressor, so don’t let it continue! High electric bills and a burned-out compressor are expensive problems to have. Avoid all that by having your air conditioner checked out right away.

4: Insufficient Cooling

Whether the air coming from your vents isn’t cool enough, or it’s plenty cool but there just isn’t enough of it, you won’t be comfortable during the Louisiana summer heat! Try checking your air filter, because a clogged filter can cause issues like these. If the filter is clean, or the problem persists after cleaning or replacing the filter, it’s time for repair.

Whatever your concern is with your air conditioner, take it seriously. We’d love to be able to get it fixed for you before the problem gets any worse, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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